Video Catalogue

Bombear Media is a non-profit video and photography venture born in Monterrey, Mexico. The team has now created video projects for organizations in Mexico, North Carolina and Chicago. Bombear Media's core strength is on succinct storytelling and captivating adventure & sports cinematography. Please find below a few select video pieces from our diverse catalogue.

The bombear media demo reel

Every year, we choose a few select scenes from our projects and integrate them into a larger edit that showcases our capabilities. This particular edit required 23 separate channels of video and sound. It includes shots taken in over 13 locations around the world.

The bombear media demo reel II

The second iteration of our Bombear Media Demo Reel. Edited in 23 unique video and sound channels.

Follow local rock climbers, Piloto and Pollo, through their own interpretation of La Huasteca in Santa Catarina, Mexico.

Parallax Test #2 explores the usage of the Parallax effect. We experiment with sound and movement to add dynamics to photos.


Bombear Media set off for the mountains of Garcia, Mexico to film stock enduro dirt biking footage.

Monterrey, Mexico's fire department collaborated with Bombear Media to showcase a more human side of their fire-fighters for a theater presentation in downtown Monterrey.

Promotional video content for UNC's Social Impact initiative.

Bombear Media's provided editing services for IMBA MX's Oso Negro promotional video. Rider: Mark McClure.

Part 1 of a Short Film written by Alex Pearson and directed by Bombear Media.

short film trailer - soñe que moria

Our first in-house short film production. The story follows two parallel lives that find purpose and connection in the midst of despair.

We collabroated with TORC, local NC IMBA chapter, to create a promotional video to help get people involved.

Twin/Clone Effect was part of a larger project for the UNC MBA class of 2015. This particular clip explores editing techniques to duplicate characters. The effect had to be precise since it premiered in a theater screen in downtown Chapel Hill

Bombear Media's Second installment of a three part mini series on riding local trails.

A piece on time flying by in New York city during the summer of 2014.


Promotional video content for Monterrey based Mass Operations.

First video released under the Bombear Media brand for IMBA Trail Solutions and partners.

Bombear Media produced music video of Chicago based artist Sean Nagata.