Bombear Media Podcasts

Cyclists of chicago podcast #2

Cyclists of Chicago sits down with Divvy's Marketing Director and all-around cycling enthusiast Kelly Goldthorpe. Talking city bike share, commuting, and what it’s like to tour with the weinermobile. Cyclists of Chicago is a collaboration with The Chainlink

Bombear Media Podcast #10

Daniel Bowman, Doctoral Candidate at UNC's Department of Geological Sciences, joins Bombear Media at Venture Lab 1789 for the 10th edition of the Podcast. At the time of the interview, Daniel Bowman had been featured in an article by the Huffington Post (Link Below) for his research that rendered spectrograms of infrasound recorded during the space flight of a NASA balloon.



Cyclists of Chicago Podcast #1

First iteration of the Cyclists of Chicago Podcast powered by Bombear Media in collaboration with The Chainlink. Cyclist Zach Schneider talks about competing in cyclocross races, his day-job as a software programer, and being a dad.

Bombear Media Podcast #9

Laura Houston talks about graduating from her MBA at UNC and walking the Appalachian Trail