In an age where high definition image capture is within reach of average individuals, motion picture quality is left to depend solely on the producer’s creativity - regardless of skill. It used to be that in order to handle equipment capable of producing quality audiovisuals; you required substantial budget and technical skills. With the effects of mass production and technological advances in the industry, nowadays you just need to have something interesting to aim your camera at. Very much like the automatic transmission made driving more about driving, the democratization of cinematography is making it more about the content than whats behind it.

Because of these recent changes in the industry we have now seen some of the best and worst content in history. As we all become capable of capturing these quality images, we get to experience the cinematographer inside us. It is at this point that it becomes evident not all of us where meant for it.

Throughout this process, however, we get a rare opportunity to vary the way we express ourselves. We are now not only bound to the likes of literature and craft, but also of making films. With this opportunity, some of us have taken it upon ourselves to use cinematography as a form of art and expression. In doing so, we have found our own unique style and niche. For Bombear, the drive has come from one of the most basic desires in human nature – wanderlust.

When it comes to storytelling through audiovisuals, success can be measured in audiences captivated. All of us at one point or another have decided to venture into the unknown and have been rewarded with incredible adventure. When new exhilarating experiences are revealed to us after taking a chance, we are overwhelmed by a strong desire to share the high. We at Bombear have taken the challenge to capture this high, in a manner that engages and inspires our audience. Our belief is that there is much to learn from each other’s experiences through cinematic storytelling.

The content you will find throughout these pages is not limited in form. We have been able to tell stories through short films, point of view edits, documentary style productions and mixtures of all of the above. We hope our content inspires audiences to engage in exhilarating adventure that enhances their human condition.